some finger puppets

i've been making finger puppets lately. not sure why since my kids are older. HOWEVER, they play with these ALL THE TIME during church. makes me laugh. at least they're quiet, right? it's funny to look over and see an almost 16 yr old girl, 14 yr old girl, almost 13 yr old boy, and 11 yr old girl with animals or princesses on her fingers. oh the joys of silliness. but it also makes us uber-popular to sit by - which is also fun. here are some of the puppets i've made! (listed clockwise from top left)

 (sheep, pig, horse (or donkey), cow, rooster)

(cinderella, snow white, sleeping beauty, belle, ariel)

(butterfly, caterpillar, bumble bee, flower, and ladybug)

(hippo, zebra, panda, penguin, and koala)

(giraffe, elephant, monkey, lion, brown bear)

i will post pics of the other finger puppets i've made when i get a chance ... some super cute halloween ones and the AVENGERS!! *lol*

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