some finger puppets

i've been making finger puppets lately. not sure why since my kids are older. HOWEVER, they play with these ALL THE TIME during church. makes me laugh. at least they're quiet, right? it's funny to look over and see an almost 16 yr old girl, 14 yr old girl, almost 13 yr old boy, and 11 yr old girl with animals or princesses on her fingers. oh the joys of silliness. but it also makes us uber-popular to sit by - which is also fun. here are some of the puppets i've made! (listed clockwise from top left)

 (sheep, pig, horse (or donkey), cow, rooster)

(cinderella, snow white, sleeping beauty, belle, ariel)

(butterfly, caterpillar, bumble bee, flower, and ladybug)

(hippo, zebra, panda, penguin, and koala)

(giraffe, elephant, monkey, lion, brown bear)

i will post pics of the other finger puppets i've made when i get a chance ... some super cute halloween ones and the AVENGERS!! *lol*

Picnic or Beach lay upon

This is not my original idea, I got that from this genius lady- Here -she has a great blog with lots of great ideas, go check it out!

She made smaller round sit upons for individuals. I wanted a big one where you could lay on it too, or share with others. Well, if I'm being honest I also didn't feel like cutting the table cloths, so I made them the same size as a round vinyl table cloth. I'm lazy like that. ;)

You will need: 
2 round vinyl table cloths.
 1 large piece of quilting batting (I found mine on clearance at Joann's for $6 for a full size blanket size, which was way more than I needed but cheaper than the smaller ones there) and 
Some ribbon (I ended up using 22 feet of it, but used a coupon and only paid $5.36 for 24 feet) I used the left over ribbon to keep it rolled up (seen below)
Sewing machine-or you could hand sew it, but trust me, you do not want to do that!
Thread & pins

You first put one of the table cloths upside down on the floor.

Then you top with the batting, then cut the batting to fit all the way around it. This was my only 
cutting, yay!

Now time to top it with the other table cloth, right side up.

Congrats, you made a sandwich! :) now pin it all in place so the seams come together evenly.

No now this is the not so fun part, and you could actually skip this step, but I recommend you do it because it made it so much easier for me! Iron your ribbon in half! Won't take too long, but that even crease is a life saver.

Now time to sew the ribbon on. I just put it between the two vinyl table cloths and sewed it all the way around. Yes, it took forever, but not as bad as I thought it would be. In no time it was done, and now we have a fun sit-upon!

My son and our dog loves it already, but from the blurry pic you can tell she doesn't sit still. :)

Fold it up and tie it with the extra ribbon! Easy, light weight and waterproof unlike a blanket. 

Have fun creating!


Monster Cake

My son wanted a monster cake for his birthday, I am not a cake decorator at all, but I gave this one a try. Turned out pretty cute, at least he was happy about it-that is what matters right? :)

I just made two cake rounds, put some frosting in-between them, then frosted them all around.
Than I started adding the blue monster hair. I just used blue icing, and used a star shaped tip. Started from the bottom and worked my way up top on the sides first. I realized it didn't need to be perfect at all, I could fill in the gaps later, and it actually looked better when I came at it from different strokes anyway. After I did all the sides, I worked my way on top.
See what I mean, sloppy equals good here. ;) he has fur now.

For his eyes I made cake pops, probably the wrong way, but it was my first time, I just put the cake batter in the cake pop tin. Oh well, it worked for me. I just used thick candles for the sticks..heehee! I frosted them with red, and found these cute edible eyeballs at Target in the cake area so he has lots of eyeballs! 

I then gave him a smilie face.

Sorry, took pics on my phone and some are blurry.

Not perfect but my son loved it.

Have fun creating!!

Shabby Chic Ruffled Diaper Cake

Shabby Chic Ruffled Diaper Cake

Sometimes I dream up something, have these great ideas, but then when I attempt them, well....lets just say they do not quite turn out the way I envisioned. Yet somehow this project turned out exactly how I envisioned it, and I am in love!

Several,years ago I made my first diaper cake, which you can see Here . I was looking at changing the normal diaper cake and make it a little more elegant. This time I had an opportunity to make another one for a family member-in fact I am giving her a baby shower, and I am so excited! I will have to share pictures afterwards. :)

Chicken Lasagna Roll-Ups

Yummilicious Recipe!! Even my pickiest eaters (and believe me they are picky) ate it and asked for seconds!! :)

making EVERYTHING prettier

so my family can't keep the fridge clean to save their sweet little lives. i can't tell you how often i've had to clean up syrup or something else that spilled in there ... especially when NO ONE spilled it and that's why they didn't tell anyone about it. magic, i tell ya!

i saw an idea on pinterest. and i totally copied it. ready? ready? use contact paper on the shelves. it cleans up well. AND if it's too hard to get off, take the contact paper off and put another sheet on. cheap, easy, and fast!! i took everything out of the fridge - cleaned all the shelves, bottom of the fridge, drawers, etc. ... i thought it was clean ;) nope. not so much. but NOW? well, take a look for yourself:

 this is the inside of the fridge as you open the door and look straight in. 

 the door of the fridge (i even cut out some contact paper for the inside of the clear buckets on the inside of the door)

and a close-up

i really looked and looked for a non-girly pink contact paper, but i couldn't find one. i know that i could have used vinyl, but ... i figured this was a good compromise for mr. wonderful - foofie enough for me and "non-foofie" enough for him. lol. i am SO excited!! tomorrow, i'm doing the freezer. if it turns out lovely, maybe i'll share that with you. if i'm brave, i will think of taking a before picture of that. :)

best dinner ever ...

so i tried a new recipe tonight - always scary, right? this one was ab-solute-ly a major hit!! everyone liked it - a few of us even had *gasp* seconds!! you must try this. super fast, super easy, and super delish. here goes ...

Baked Buttermilk Chicken

1/4 cup butter
4 boneless chicken breasts
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 1/2 cups buttermilk, divided
3/4 cup flour
1 can cream of mushroom soup
hot steamed rice

melt butter in a 13x9 baking dish in a 425 degree oven. sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper (you can use the chicken breasts whole, but i cut the chicken into smaller pieces - it went further than a whole chicken breast would). dip chicken in 1/2 cup buttermilk and dredge in flour. arrange chicken in 13x9 baking dish. 

bake at 425 for 10 minutes. turn chicken and bake for 10 more minutes. while the chicken is baking the 2nd time, start water boiling for rice and then mix remaining buttermilk (1 cup) with 1 can of cream of mushroom soup - mix well. make the rice as directed. when the 2nd 10 minutes is up, pour soup/buttermilk mixture over chicken and bake for 10 more minutes - covering with aluminum foil to prevent any excessive burning. 


* my sweetheart likes a kick, so i added some crushed red pepper to both the flour mixture that the chicken was dredged in as well as the buttermilk/soup mixture. it worked out very well!

* i served steamed green beans on the side - i mixed mine with the gravy & chicken & rice. not bad at all, if i do say so myself


Spooky Fun!

In years past we have done a spook alley in our back yard. It's been a few years but we pulled out all of our old junk/stuff and did it again this year for fun. Here are some pictures of it.

My favorite is the Library I created:

Boo'ing Your Neighbors for Fun!

Have you ever been boo'ed? I hope so, it's sure fun, and I do it every year for my neighbors too. If you look around the internet you can find many free copy's of these kinds of Boo, print them off, add a treat and have fun!

Here is mine this year-

Yeah, I am not baking, too much going on right now, so I took the easy way out and bagged some Pumpkin Poo instead! (that's cheese puffs really, but I think it's funny as pumpkin poo)

I made my own Boo's this year too, and even my tags, so that makes up for the no bake thing, right?

I will post them below, your free to use them but not sell them, and if you post them anywhere on the internet you need to refer back to the Sistas blog-only fair me thinks. ;-) (just click on the pictures to get their full size, and copy to your computer or print from here-and you do not have to use the last tags unless your poo'ing too. ;) )

Happy Boo'ing!!!

Enjoy Creating!!


Fun with Frames, and Printing on Fabric

For my daughters birthday I decided to make her something for her, and her husband's home. Been wanting to try my hand at printing on fabric too. I can't wait to see them on her wall! Thought they would look great as a grouping. :)

I bought some cute frames at Hobby Lobby (make sure it's the week they are on sale at 50% off!) that have no backings on them. I bought some scrapbook paper to match her colors, and cut them to fit 2 of the frames. Spray painted an "N" for her last name, then glued it on one of the frames with paper, and then printed on fabric for the other frame. Added some sparkles cause we all need some sparkles in our life! Cut up a cardboard box for the backs to keep them all in place (I was going to staple them in but I ended up taping the backs so she could change them later if she wanted to).

Ok, now my advice to you all on the printing. You must use an inkjet printer. Best fabric to use is Muslin or Linen type. I used Burlap and it worked well but not as well as the other types I tried. Now, I totally am warning you now, do not use Felt!! Umm....let's just say the fuzziness of the fabric drags along and smears all the ink. ;-)

To print, you will need your printer, card stock paper, fabric, and a spray on tacky spray like Rustoleum's tacky glue which worked perfect for this! You can find it in craft stores.

Take your fabric, cut it to fit the card stock, at this point you can cut it a little big if you want some overlap for the spraying purpose. Take it all outside (you want good ventilation for this spray) and some newspaper to put down for the card stock to be sprayed. Spray the card stock well around it's edges and all around. Then take your fabric and drap it over the card stock. Smooth out the fabric, it will be easy to get out any wrinkles at this point, then let dry for 10 mins. Now, cut around the fabric to match up the lines perfectly so the paper runs through the printer without snagging onto something inside and jamming it.

Put it in your printers tray by itself upside down (least this is how my printer pulls and prints onto my paper, if your not sure, mark a paper first and send it thru) then set up your graphic to print (make sure you tell the printer it's card stock going through) then print. Walla!

You can pull the fabric off the card stock right after, as long as you sprayed on the card stock and not the fabric it should be fine. I found though with me wanting to frame this I left it on the paper so it stayed smooth and taut.

This idea works for fabric you want to make pillows with, or quilting blocks. I am told you can wash the fabric afterwards in cold water, air dry. Let me know if you try this, would love to see your project! I have more to come because it's so darn fun and easy!

Have fun creating!

Fall Wreath's

Hello! Well......Goodness it's been so long that I freaked out from this new post layout.. lol!

Ok, so I am such a slacker! Been ubber busy and made every excuse why I was not posting on here, but here I go!

Here is a simple fall wreath for Halloween, I have had the wreath for a lot of years and cannot remember where I bought it, just thought it was so pretty, and fun to add things to it like this Trick or Treat sign and some spiders! After Halloween I will remove those and it's perfect for Fall, or you could add some different ribbon and acorns, or?

This next one I made for my Mom for her birthday. Cool thing about it was how easy it was, and how versatile it is, you could remove the owl and use it all year long. (She loved it btw.) :)

First I wrapped Twine around a foam wreath from the dollar store. This was the daunting part, but worth it in the end.

Then I made several different flowers from felt, super easy-the ones I made the same way I had made the book page wreath flowers which I posted. Hot glued them on, and added some tulle to fill in some gaps, plus it looks cool. Then I wired in the owl, pushed it through the foam. Easy and it turned out pretty cute me thinks?

I should of took pictures of it hanging up, but I gave it to her instead. Maybe next time I'm there I will? :)

Have fun creating!

every hostess needs an apron

i love aprons. seriously adore them. i wear them when i'm cleaning (along with a tiara). i wear them in nursery. when i'm cooking. if i can get away with it, i'll wear one (along with a tiara *heeheehee*). there have been some really cute aprons online that i have admired, but i am NOT paying $45 for an apron. i'm cheap that way. i actually e-mailed a few ladies on etsy to ask if they would sell me their pattern. no go. i found patterns at joann's and combined a few of them - to make my DREAM apron!!

(i have NO clue why the pictures aren't clear, but ... it's the best i can do tonight. and the apron looks skinnier on me in person)

i am in LOVE with this apron. it is so me - ruffle with a sweetheart neckline on top, a flower at the waist, and THREE fluffy layers on the bottom. squeeeee!!

(oh, and total brag, but the capris i am wearing are my 14 year old daughter's size 2 capris - losing weight has gotten me a second wardrobe :) )

becka's room re-do

becka is the "baby" of the family. she's almost 10, but she will always be the baby. :) her room was horrid when we moved in. it ... well, look at it below! the top 1/2 was white. the bottom 1/2 was wallpapered with a striped blue wallpaper. there were two red chair-rails. in between the chair rails was a train wallpaper border. same with on the wood cornice / valance / curtain thingie. she HATED it. not that i blame her.

i pulled off the border and the chair rails. i think they super-glued the border on - it took me 7 hours a day, 8 days to get it off. due to that, i took one look at the bottom wallpaper and decided that mr. wonderful would need to put bead-board / wainescotting up. because there was NO way i was spending all my 'spare' time pulling that stupid stuff off. warning - he hasn't done it yet. but the rest of the room is done! if he doesn't have it done by christmas, i'm going to figure out how to do it when the kids go back to school.

(wasn't it ghastly?)

upon walking up to her room, this is what you see. yes, she is a princess. well, kind of - i'm the real princess. we call her the "pit" (princess-in-training).

opening the door, you see this on your left. i had painted the wall a toasted almond color - a while ago. but we weren't sure what to do with the rest of the room - becka had thought about a 'beach' theme. but i couldn't find what we / she wanted. then, i started looking at bedding online. i figured if we found that first, then we could coordinate. i found this bedding online at target - it was $30 for a bed set - on clearance. but all they had was full size - she has two twin beds. i bought them anyways - figured i could always just use two fitted sheets for her bed and then use the rest of the bedding. plus, it came with 4 pillow cases (2 regular & 2 shams) per set. which was nice. i like pillows.

to the right when you walk in the door. (the kids have watched the part on big bang theory when sheldon is in the ballpit - they laugh all the time over it *lol*) i did three tissue paper floof balls above her bed. just for fun.

a close-up of the bedding. she chose SO well. i love the colors and the design. it is very becka. "get your geek on" - becka came up with this 'quote'.

i made bed-skirts & a window thingie (after i painted the cornice thingie a light pink - and coated it with SPARKLY color on top of it) out of tulle - that tutu material. i tied them in a slip knot style on rope and then stapled it to the bottom of the beds and the window thing. oh it's so FLUFFY!! i used two pieces of tulle with each knot and used three different colors on the bedskirts - only used two on the curtain.

(i'm not so good at photographing windows)

the kids have also seen the part of big bang theory when sheldon and penny sing "soft kitty" in a round. it's kind of funny - the kids can all be arguing and one of them will say "let's sing soft kitty". another one will say "but in a round". then they'll all start singing it. dorks. :)

we did a 6-square shelving system too (with bazinga above that - makes her laugh). we only put buckets in 5 squares because then she can still access the outlet in the leftover square. which is way important when you listen to books on cd at night.

(of course, we HAD to put cute labels on the buckets - laminated, too :) )

this kid is obsessed with harry potter. has read the series like 3 times already and she's not even 10. and is a self-proclaimed geek. we looked and looked for wooden glasses to hang on the wall - i thought it'd be cute to hang the letters of her name from them. no such luck. then i found these glasses picture frames at target. PERFECTION! they're kind of nerdy, right? so mak cut out pictures of harry potter characters from some post cards becka had and put them into the frames.

mak also framed two pictures of harry potter characters (dumbledore and harry, himself) and put them on the wall. just for fun. i nixed her idea of putting voldemort or draco up there.

these are dry erase squares that are on her closet doors. i figured it'd be fun for her to write on - and also keep any important info there. and i can write chores on there for her to do. even better.

just a few more wall hangings.

if i could get away with it, i'd make the tutu bedskirt for MY room (maybe i should just do it on my side so he won't see it? heeheehee) i am in love with this room. so much.
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